NV Production House

We stand for quality, passion, and creativity.

Simply put NV Production House is full of passionate, creative, and dedicated individuals. Each person in the team loves what they do. It’s more than a hobby or just a way to make money: what we do at NV Production House is full of passion.

NV Production House LLC. is a digital media solution company launched in April 2021; like with most small businesses and start-ups, our business idea evolved out of a round table discussion over a meal about the skill set and passionate that each team member possessed. Having worked together in a previous industry that no longer exists we decided to carve out our own path, and took a leap of faith knowing the challenges of starting a company during a pandemic.

By examining ourselves and the value of each individual, we knew small businesses and start-ups needed our services. We’re in the people business, offering services in website design and creation, CRM assistance, podcast development, newsletters and blog creation, content photography, business development training and mentoring to name a few affordable quality services.

Co-founded by Mike Smith, Director of Business Development; Kassandra Butterfield, Creative Project Manager; Michael Berry, Videographer; and Nico Sarabia, Logistical Engineer, this minority-owned company has a combined experience of 35 years of industry experience.